Financial Modeling:

Capital investments, operating costs, government subsidies, pay-backs. We can assist you with logical information and analysis to create optimized solutions for any solar applications.

Project Engineering:

Turnkey projects have always been our forte and is something we have been well recognized for. Our satisfied customer base and variety of successfully executed projects speak of our experience.





Ultimately precise and timely execution of projects across the country differentiates us from the rest. Our experience guides us to understand customer needs more accurately and thus helps us deliver satisfactory results.

About us


Greenergy Resources is a joint venture by Mr. Anil Baikerikar and Mr. Vinay Mordekar. Both, mechanical engineers with a rich combined experience of more than 50 years in the field of 'Non Conventional Energy' and 'Manufacturing Industry' helping us to understand and apply technology to the best of its applications. We adapt to changing technology and develop unique products to deliver most thoughtful solutions.



Variety in the applications and dependability on atmospheric conditions govern the effectiveness of solar applications. Ask us for thorough consultancy for any of your projects and rest assured.

"I believe, in India, it is important to explore new and unconventional applications for Solar Energy in remote areas where electricity and infrastructure development are huge concerns."


Anil Baikerikar

Founder, Greenergy Resources

"Why Solar?, cannot be a relevant question in tropical countries. Solar Energy still remains as an untapped resource.. yet to be explored in the most thoughtful applications."


Vinay Mordekar

Co-Founder, Greenergy Resources